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Driveways and forecourts

Driveways present a special challenge. They give a home kerbside appeal and a beautifully-constructed driveway tells the world that a homeowner with taste lives there, and it adds value. Similarly, a poorly-constructed, cheap-and-shoddy drive says just as much.

Don't take any chances. All our block paved driveways are constructed in full compliance with the latest British Standard (BS7533 Part 3). We will only use finest quality Type 1 sub-base materials - no cheap road planings or crushed fill. We buy our blocks from selected manufacturers with the most up-to-date plants and guaranteed products.

We want you to be as proud of your driveway as we are. Don't risk it - choose KGC


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charcoal block driveway
Before: a tarmac drive that's too narrow and a patch of 'council' flags added to try and add a bit of additional width.
charcoal driveway
After: Charcoal block pavers
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charcoal block driveway
Before: a flagged driveway that's cracked and plain and boring.
multi-red driveway
After: Multi-red block pavers
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wide driveway
Before: another flagged driveway. This parking space covers the full width of the house and the plain, grey flags weren't doing it any favours.
charcoal driveway
After: Colour and Class
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old concrete driveway
Before: an old concrete driveway that is long past its best.
heather driveway
After: Tumbled blocks
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edwardian driveway
Tumbled blocks on a period property
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red driveway
Three-colour red-multi blocks
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